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Our company has been producing radiators
since 2008.

Proper management and qualified personnel guarantee high-quality production.

Radiators per year

For 8 years of our work we made radiators
for various technology of the Russian
and foreign production

Manufacturing process
The process of physical effects on the metal in order to create parts, assemblies, components and structures in accordance with the drawings.

Metal, is a complex process steps, resulting in the detail given to the size and shape: cutting, bending, milling, turning, grinding work.

Marking sheet size specified in the drawings.

Cutting parts to the guillotine in size.
Bending parts, bend the sheet size in the drawing.
Metal cutting using cutters (flanges, rings, adapters, shafts, nuts, plugs and other details). Marking bindings hole drilling holes manifold base on the milling machine. Fastening collector base of the machine.
Turning on metal (metal turning, turning) Used to manufacture parts. Allowance - a metal layer that needs to be removed from the workpiece to obtain the details given in the form.
Turning works - a change in the geometric shape and size of the workpiece, by removing a predetermined allowance, the lathe rotates the workpiece and the cutting tool moves on a given vector relative thereto. Due to the different workpiece movement and tool sharpening process takes place. Turning used for threading, cut the ends, vytachivaniya grooves, corrugations rolling, drilling, reaming.
Grinding works are used for leveling and smoothing the surface of the product. Grinding of metal parts made using abrasive materials and tools. These types of work carried out by manual, electric, pneumatic tools and special grinding equipment.

Locksmith Metal locksmiths made using hand tools and machines. By plumbing may include the following activities: metal cutting chisel, metal cutting, manual editing and bending parts, filing, processing holes (drilling, reaming, deployment), tapping hand riveting, scraping, grinding, finishing, trimming, marking, assembly .

Making harvesting grounds collector - thermal cutting, plasma and other sposabami size in accordance with the drawings provided.

Fix the sheet, mark, make a cut base

Welding - the process of obtaining permanent connection parts, by local or general heating. Metal Welding - technological process of metal compounds by heating, as a result of which is obtained in a continuous manner metals. For the production of welding are used: electric arc.
Connecting two parts base, using stuck from several sides.
To handle pivot holes in accordance with GOST 14034-74 0.3-0.5 chamfer.
The surface of the holes should be free of cracks and corrosion, polished surface should not have dents and chernovin.
Base assembly with a jar in the frame. Welding collectors, followed by cleaning welds. Apply marking on the frame number.
Control the exact dimensions between the collectors in accordance with the drawings, compliance diagonal across the frame, the overall dimensions and distances between the axis.

Формирование жимов на концах трубки по условиям модификации радиатора. На радиальной поверхности концов трубки не допускаются окалина, окись, капли припоя, зазубрины, сколы, трещины, вмятины, поверхность должна быть зеркальной, ровной и чистой.

Зарядить трубку турбулятором (если предназначение для масла).

Плющение трубки по параметрам (см. карту раскроя основания коллектора) 4,5 – вода, 5,5мм-все остальные виды применений.

Отчистка окиси плоскостей трубки образованных после плющения,  для последующего припоя гофрированной ленты (химическим - трубка предназначена для воды и кулера, механическим - трубка предназначена для масла, либо оба метода механические).

Шлифовать концы трубки, проверять смещение гофры  относительно трубки.

Manufacturers of necessary volume of corrugated tape length and the number of bands specified in the nesting grounds collector.
Preparation of the solder by mixing 2 components required portion (18% flux) on the number of products (leave off the shelf for a long period is not allowed)
Lubricate the ends of special tubes. SHRUS with a brush.
Mounting tube - inserted all the way to the end of the elongated seal number 002, then the short end inserted into the seal №001 and stretch the tube axis to hide the full bench on the short end in the seal (press the tube to get up in the groove of the seal number 001).
In the production of water heaters do a bench press on the handset.
In the production of oil coolers to make two bench in the tube. With the end of the elongate need to equip before mounting the two plastic washers shelf to the Bench and to continue the installation.
Dialing a number from the tubes, the tubes should be put down vstavyshi distributing distance when installing buttered tubes additionally inserted between the axial washers clip.
After collecting all the tubes completely in the frame fasten clamps through the rubber gasket
Set in the middle bolting bar stiffness across the frame (if the length of the radiator frame is from 800mm).
Connect the air hose to the connection of the radiator securing the clamp. Lower the heat sink in a water bath. Post in the air for technically specified parameters. If you have found the leak to fix the defect, followed by crimping.
Radiator pressure test parameters:
Water -2.5 Bar
Intercooler - 2,5Bar
Oil - 12 Bar
Compressor - 45 Bar.

Blow the radiator with compressed air tubes (allow to dry). Clean the surface of the radiator frame. Apply a coat of paint.

Admission boards for the manufacture of frame boxes.

Production of box frame the size of the radiator.

Winding stretch film radiator.

Shipping documents are stuck to the box.

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