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In addition to production, our company is also engaged in professional repair of radiators of chilling and heating, using modern technologies. It is necessary to refer welding, a powder dusting to such technologies and to ration of radiators.

We perform welding works and the soldering of all types of the radiators consisting of any metals including welding and to ration of copper radiators, aluminum radiators and brass radiators.

Our specialists professionally and with skill will consult you on sale, repair and production radiators, on repair and filling of conditioners and autonomous heaters of motor transport. We will provide a guarantee on all work types.

Work types

Welding of radiators

Today for repair of various nodes and aggregates of the car argonny welding of radiators is used using different types of metals and alloys. All additive material is selected depending on composition of metal the repaired detail. Specialists of the company will pick up the necessary additive material that a seam which is created in process of argonno-arc welding of a radiator of the car or radiator of special equipment, represented a single whole with the welded parts. Such welding of details of a radiator of the car will provide the high durability and hermeticity welding

Except welding of metal details, we apply also welding in radiators of their plastic parts to which, in particulars, it is worth carrying plastic tanks. Thanks to such welding, replacement of a radiator can be avoided. It allows to save a money on acquisition new an agregata.my detail. During this period of time for production of radiators aluminum is often used. Thus, argonno-arc welding of a radiator becomes one of the best decisions in case of any mechanical damages of aluminum elements of the aggregate.

Powder dusting of a radiator

The main details of radiators of cars are mainly made of aluminum which welding is made in argon. But, some nodes are executed from so thin layer of metal that to perform welding works very difficult, or at all it is impossible. Here the powder dusting of metal can come to the rescue. Technology drawings a powder covering is that powder material gets to a supersonic flow of air and with such method it is applied on the processed surface. Under repair radiators function of a dusting allows to solve the whole range of tasks which treat:

  1. recovery of amounts of metal which were lost
  2. sealing of leaks
  3. elimination of mechanical defects of details
  4. handling of welded seams
  5. recovery of a carving
  6. implementation of anticorrosive handling of certain sites.

Except these tasks the dusting in radiators will allow to connect diverse metals. Our specialists, using this method, thin-walled details to which welding or the soldering can't be applied recover radiators.

of the Ration of radiators

In repair work our company actively uses brazing of brass radiators, and also radiators from other materials. The connections received in case of the soldering of brass radiators and aggregates of others materials, will differ in high hermeticity and will be able to maintain dynamic loads. Solders, applied to the soldering of brass radiators and radiators which are made of materials of other sort, are characterized by resistance to corrosion.

By means of the soldering of radiators their thin-walled parts are recovered that can't be made when using argonno-arc welding. The high-quality soldering of copper radiators and the equipment manufactured of other metals requires high qualification of the master with wide experience of work. Just such qualities specialists also have our company.


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