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LLC «Promradiator» - one of the few entities
in Russia and the CIS which is producing
of radiators for large industrial equipment of the Russian
and foreign equipment
  • History begins with 2008.
    This year, the first workshop for repairing radiators, fuel tanks, welding and soldering in Novokuznetsk was opened. Since its inception, the company has been focused on the provision of professional services to clients not only in the production of repair work, but also inform them about the possibility of manufacturing new products technologies. Professionalism in work and customer focus - At this time, one of the basic principles of the company were laid.

    2011 year
    To expand the list of services, was launched shop fabrication of high pressure hoses complete cycle (RVD). The main objective was to reduce the time of the Client for the repair, making it possible to obtain a maximum of services in one place. Accumulated experience allowed optimally quickly adjust manufacturing technology at the client's wishes.

  • 2013 year
    Setting ambitious goals and is constantly expanding the range of tasks, in 2013 the company already is producing aluminum radiator plant on its own technology to import trucks and construction equipment, as well as drilling and industrial plants, compressors, generators. At the same time, in the city of Novosibirsk, two repair shops are open.

    2015 year
    The line of manufacture of a full cycle of copper-brass radiators with disposable tubes to allow for maintenance and repair in the field. This production is unique in Russia. All products conform to the 4591-002-34486054-2014 (radiators and heat exchangers) and TU 4863-00134486054-2014 (heaters), manufactured under the trademark "PROMRADIATOR".

  • Today HONOR company - is a dynamically developing company with a constantly improving product manufacturing technology, automated production and a team of professionals with years of experience in the automotive industry. We do not see any obstacles in front of him, we do not cease to experiment, we - the team is endowed with sufficient energy for endless creativity.

Dynamics of manufacturing
  • 2008 Yr. 50radiators
  • 2010 Yr. 120radiators
  • 2012 Yr. 230radiators
  • 2014 Yr. 400radiators
  • 2016 Yr. 650radiators

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